Experience of Yoga

Gathering of both armies in the field of war

Introduction of warriors; Emotional breakdown of Arjuna.

The faculties of the soul.

Knowledge Yoga, Action Yoga, Characteristics of a person with well-established cognition.

The action yoga

Action without attachment, Various types of sacrifices, Control over sex through the cognition

Incarnation of God Krishna

Principles of reborn, Types of the sacrifice, Superiority of the spiritual knowledge over the material knowledge.

The transcendental meditation with devotion.

Characteristics of the action yoga, Comparison of the action yoga with the knowledge yoga.

The characteristic of the person who has achieved the yoga.

Culmination of the person with perverted cognition. Command over the mind through the cognition.

God as omnipresent and cause of all causes.

Other divine forms of the Supreme; The material and spiritual knowledge.

Definition of the spirituality.

The creator and action. The devotional Yoga. Rebirth and libration as per cosmic planetary system after death.

Origin of the universe.

The evolution. Perpetuation of family institution, through power of procreation, or sex. protection of the devotee.

God as lord of gods.

Various divine forms of the supreme. Types of the emotions.

Prayer by Arjuna.

Projection of the Vishnu form to Arjuna, Projection of universal form by the Supreme.

Distinction between describe and non-describe God.

Devotee and their culmination, Godís, love to various types of devotees.

The human body as field.

Description of Omnipresent God. Faculty of the spirit soul, Qualities of the material nature. Synchronization of the spirit soul with the material nature.

Three modes of the material Nature.

future of material with the sprite soul, through, power of procreation or sex. Characteristics of a person beyond the influence of three modes of the Nature.

The material laws.

Transmigration of the spirit soul from one to another body. Lord Krishna as God. The material sky as reflection of the spiritual sky.

Who born with the spiritual wealth.

The faith as per order of the scripture; Characteristic of a person who, born with the devil wealth.

Types of the sacrifice.

Types of the sacrifice, penance, donation and foods. divisions of the creed.

Principles of renunciation.

Culmination of the knowledge, Actions, and doer-ship. Action with devotion. Three grades of the cognition, retention, and pleasure.